Play animations on Minecraft item frames!

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allows you to play animations on item frames!














Depends on PacketListenerAPI & MapManager


  • /afhelp – Get a list of the commands below
  • /afcreate <Name> <Image> – Creates a new image with the specified name
  • /afremove <Name> – Removes the specified image
  • /aflist – Get a list of already created images
  • /afplace – Command to place down multiple item frames for you
  • /afpause – pauses a running frame
  • /afstop – stops a running frame (same as pause, but resets to first image of the animation)
  • /afplay – starts/resumes a stopped/paused frame


  • animatedframes.create – Permission to create images
  • animatedframes.remove – Permission to remove images
  • animatedframes.list – Permission to list images
  • animatedframes.pause – Permission to pause frames
  • animatedframes.stop – Permission to stop frames
  • – Permission to play frames






How to create a screen
  1. Place down blocks to hold your item frames
  2. Place down the item frames you want to use for the image
  3. Upload an animation or image (.GIF | .PNG) or find one online. It should be rectangular or it will be stretched. Note: Due to a bug in some Java versions, JPEG images might not look like the original image
    1. For local image files, just specify the full file path (e.g. C:\\Users\\Me\\myImage.png)
  4. Run the create command above with a custom name and the url to the image. You can also specify the path to a local file.
    1. Use shorteners like bitly if the link to your image is too long.
  5. Follow the instructions you get in the chat:
    1. Right click the bottom-left item frame and wait
    2. Right click the top-right item frame and wait for your image to load
How to remove a screen

To remove a screen, run the remove command and specify the name


How it works – No lags

This plugin does not cause the expected lag/framerate issues you would expect.
It doesn’t update the picture every frame (doing that would cause a lot of frame rate issues), it only updates the map item contained in the item frame.
The actual frames of the animation are only sent once with a little delay to prevent any lag issues.