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A Visual Programing Editor for Spigot, to create your own plugins without any programming experience!



A Visual Programming Editor for Spigot, to create your own plugins without any programming experience!


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Limit Unlimited uses and activations.

4 reviews for PluginBlueprint

  1. Shawn (verified owner)

    Does what it says it will do. I was able to quickly compile a plugin and test it. Could use more examples for common things like commands, help, building strings from values… but it does work smoothly. A little programming experience, especially with spigot, does help.

    • inventivetalent (verified owner)

      Thanks for your review! πŸ™‚
      I’m planning on adding more examples to the wiki & maybe even templates directly in the editor for all the basics.

  2. gamesazk (verified owner)

    This software still needs a lot of improvement.
    Especially if it’s for people who don’t have a lot of programming experience.
    I find it far too complicated.
    Programmed with real code line it’s better.

    • inventivetalent (verified owner)

      Thanks for the feedback!
      This tool certainly isn’t a step-to-step assistant for making plugins.
      It is however intended to make designing and understanding plugin structures faster and easier and hence does require a certain amount of experience with programming and understanding of the APIs you’re working with / willingness to read up on the existing documentation for Bukkit πŸ™‚

  3. TheProgramSrc (verified owner)

    The best software to create plugins, also it’s unique!

  4. Striker Nicks (verified owner)

    An amazing system! Another great resource! Can’t wait to continue to test this out πŸ˜€ Keep up the great work πŸ™‚

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